Monday, May 05, 2008

Trade union bullies threaten NSW government

A few thousand electricity workers threaten to derail the privatisation of the electricity sector in NSW. Morris Iemma will either face a huge fight with this unrepresentative rabble and lose or stick to his guns and change the nature of the Labor Party for the better.

The issue is whether democratically elected politicians should be responsible to the people or to unrepresentative trade union bullies. So far Iemma has shown more guts than I would have given him credit for.

The implications of this momentous struggle are clear – how can Rudd embark on a reform program if fat-cat public sector unions are to rule the roost? How can Treasurer Swan defeat the cost-price hikes that can trigger inflation if unrepresentative trade union idiots in the ACTU argue that price increases must be met with increased wages? Indeed this is exactly the inflationary spiral Swan must at all costs prevent from happening.

The Labor Party should not be owned by unrepresentative trade union swill.

Update: Kim at LP endorses the actions of the trade union thugs. After all why join the Labor Party unless you seek to promote the causes of the unionists. She asks do Labor Party members only seek public office? To Kim there are no issues of democratic principle here - Iemma is only mimicking the anti-union sentiments of the other cside of politics. Daft.


Anonymous said...

"So far Iemma has shown more guts than I would have given him credit for"

I think you are giving Iemma too much credit. If you don't have brain, decisions are easy. In this respect, I don't see what Rudd has to do with anything. As can be seen even from the short time he's been in, he can get things done (e.g., alcopops tax). We'll see from the budget what he's really made of.

andrewt said...

So you are claim the majority of non-union delegates voted for the privatization and were out-voted by the of union delegates?? Doesn't seem possible with a 702-107 vote.

And an opinion poll of NSW voters would support the privatization??

And all economists knowledgable in the area would support the privatization??

hc said...

Andrewt, There are economic arguments against the privatisation but a democratically elected government facing the electors at forthcoming elections has decided to go ahead.

This is not a protest but a command by the union thugs - they are not democratically elected by the community and only represent narrow sectional interests.

The opposdition at the annual conference was mainly engineered by the power workers.

Anonymous said...

Mr Clarke,

I actually believe in privatisation however how are there bullies?

The people against this have followed the ALP rules.

TimDunlop said...

If democratic principle is the issue, how come you don't mention that Iemma said before the previous election he wouldn't privatise? So party policy is against privatisation; Iemma said before the election that he wouldn't privatise; and the policy is unpopular with the electorate. In what way is he honouring democratic principle?

andrewt said...

Harry, its touching you are worried about us NSW voters being disenfranchised by "unrepresentative swill" but the last time a party went to a NSW election with electricity privatization on the agenda (Kerry Chikarovski) we voted strongly against them.

hc said...

The issue is who should govern? An unrepresentative trade union swill who represent less than 20% of workers and a much smaller fraction of the population or the democratically elected government?

Should unrepresentartive Party Congresses rule N.S.W. or parliamentarians who are answerable to the electorate?

If Iemma loses this one Rudd is finished since it will be clear - once again - who runs the ALP. thanks for reviving the memories neanderthal unionists. Some foolish people who voted Labor last time thought that because Kevin Rudd looked and talked like John Howard that things had changed/

Anonymous said...

"The issue is who should govern? An unrepresentative trade union swill who represent less than 20% of workers and a much smaller fraction of the population or the democratically elected government?"

Cut the crap, Harry. Iemma went to the poll promising not to privatise, and 85% of the population in NSW oppose privatisation.

The people should govern, Harry, and they've clearly expressed their will a number of times.


hc said...

You make your position clear SJ - a few thousand 'fat cat' trade unionists worried about energy sector reform should run NSW.

I disagree. The unionists can protest but the democratically-elected government should run things.

But keep these kind of sentiments going SJ. Conservatives welcome them. They will help to bury the incompetent Labor monopoly on government Australia wide.

Anonymous said...

Harry I'm disappointed at this post by you. I expected better. You fail to recognise the fact that an overwhelming majority of non-union delegates voted against the privatization.

Another important fact is that the majority of the public are against privatization. Finally, privatization is against Labor Party policy, a policy which has been endorsed by an overwhelming majority of non-union Labor members.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.