Sunday, March 29, 2009

New site

I have a new site at WordPress:

Readers please adjust your browser settings.

It is goodbye Blogger for at least a while. I have got to express my sincere thanks to for making the incredible Blogger software available free. It is amazingly simple and powerful software. My reasons for making the change? I want to try something new and want to play around and learn about WordPress.

Bleg: I tried to export my earlier Blogger posts to this new Wordpress site but the WordPress instructions for the export (somewhat ominously) did not work. The problem with the export tool in WordPress is well-understood and analysed in their discussion groups. The usual suggested work-around is to first copy files to a hosted account and then copy them across to the self-hosted account. That did not work for me as my Blogger archives are far, far too big.

If anyone knows some way to effect the export I'd appreciate any help/advice. I will pay to have the files successfully transferred.

Update: On 15/8/2009 I did copy most of the files across successfully without drama.


Slim said...

Good choice, Harry!

Despite its accessibility, Blogger's comment system has always sucked big time.

Good luck with the export/import. There will be a way.

Slim said...

Hi Harry,

I suppose you know that you can't comment at your WP site unless you are registered - and there doesn't seem to be any way to register. I guess it'll keep those comments under control! :-)

I have found that the Akismet spam module takes care of fake comments - I've had about a dozen slip through out of about 30,000. Makes Captcha redundant. Especially if you are moderating comments, it makes little sense to make it any harder to comment by placing additional hurdles in the way.
Wordpress takes care of it.

Slim said...

A quick Google found this link - maybe you've seen it - sounds promising.

hc said...

No Slim I didn't know that. I have changed the setting.

i'll check out that link.