Friday, October 20, 2006

I am concerned

I’ve been so worried lately. Hair greyer gut bigger memory increasingly unreliable unhappy with world isn’t producing enough Mozarts lots of affluence mediocre economics amok greenhouse gases climate change disappearing rainforests war in Iraq crumbling higher education excess taxes dangerous foods soft-drinks declining health social security inadequate old age care indigenous Australians nuclear family homosexual marriages downhill just watch dismay.

Politicians rule manipulative mass media exploit pre-pubescent girls sell unwanted gadgetry declining quality TV commercialism media concentration trashy novels hacks churn city architecture promote concentration-camp functionality aesthetics rotten Hollywood Tom Cruise favoring Nicole narrow debased unworthy fleshy tart first generation dies before parents obesity diabetes HIV coronary youngsters in prime don’t listen parents religion work alienating creativity insecure scorching pace modern life drug abuse mental illness never-ending complaints neuroticisms busy don’t read self-help guides or listen to Oprah increasing population environmentally ravaged people pollution imperfect world nuclear power an economies-of-scale death population pressures North Korea Pope => nun.

Complaints refreshingly Sunday writing letters to world leaders positive from excrement-orientation kids are alright liked this op-ed in New York Times.


John Humphreys said...

Jeez HC, you're getting old!

World is producing lots of great art. Economists have always been mediocre. Climate change not a big drama. Less war now then ever. Wealth and health better now than ever before. More people liberated and able to live free lives -- blacks, gays, women.

Politicians have always been bastards -- no change. TV & movie quality is fine, you're just old.

Drug use stable, and drugs aren't that bad anyway. Mental illness reported more only because we're now more honest about it -- which is good. Increasing population is proof that we're living longer and able to sustain more people... and yet many forms of pollution have been getting better for decades.

If not taking drugs, not smoking, drinking and gambling leads to your level of happiness... I suggest you stop trying to "help" (sic) people by making your lifestyle compulsory.

Me -- happy as ever. :)

BSF said...

Not to mention too much caffeine.

hc said...

JH, The rave was intended to be humorous - the link at the end presents a positive view. My point was that bloggers fall into an ''aint it awful' mentality - particularly on the left side of politics.

One of the reasons I post on drugs, alcohol, fags and gambling is that I am studying policies in these areas. Its not really an obsession to 'help' but partly just my day job.

Sam Ward said...

....we didn't start the fire...

derrida derider said...

Harry, you oughtta take up rap singing!