Friday, January 26, 2007

Tim Flannery

Well I missed out on a best blog posts award last year and was omitted from the Australia Day honours list today. All those wasted emails and postage on nominations and letters of support!

But I was delighted that Tim Flannery was given the Australia Day, Australian of the Year award. I’ve read several of Tim’s books (The Future Eaters, Throwin Way Leg, The Weather Makers) and enjoyed, as well as learnt from them all. I set some as reading for my environmental economics classes. He is a passionate, though relatively moderate, environmentalist and a skilled writer.

He has gone straight to the point today on the Government’s inaction on the climate change issue. He has also attacked the rushed proposal to develop northern Australia as an agricultural zone. Tim has the skills to argue a case well and the position to help make 2007 the year that Australians take climate change, as well as water resource, problems seriously.


Anonymous said...


I'm not sure why you feel impelled to keep whingeing about this.

(1) BBP06 was not an awards contest at all. No awards were conferred or intended. We simply decided to compile 30-40 excellent examples of blog writing (as best we could given time limitations), to showcase the blogosphere to people who didn't normally read blogs.

(2) BBP06 was based on self-nomination. That is, bloggers interested in participating were asked to nominate their 2 or 3 best posts that they considered worth consideration for inclusion in the anthology. You didn't nominate any, thus you weren't selected. Whingeing about this is a bit like complaining that you never win Lotto when you never buy a ticket!!

It shouldn't take you very much thought to work out why it had to be done this way. There are (conservatively) something like 300 active political and arts blogs in the Australian blogosphere, each producing on average something like one post per day. Manifestly it wasn't possible for Nicholas and I to comb through more than 100,000 posts spread over 300 blog archives trying to find the 30 or 40 best. We had no choice but to rely on blogger nominating themselves (or favourite posts by bloggers they like reading).

If you didn't become aware of BBP06 and therefore didn't nominate any of your posts, that's unfortunate. I really enjoy a lot of your writing (although I've only started reading your blog recently). Hopefully we'll start earlier this year (last time it was a spur of the moment decision only a couple of weeks before Xmas, leaving very little time to spread the word).

Anonymous said...

BTW Previous comment was from Ken Parish (I don't have a Blogger or any other identity except my own).

hc said...

Ken, Don't be so humourless. My remarks - in conjunction with my failure to get an Australia Day award - were obviously intended to be humour. It is terrible to have to explain your jokes!

I enjoy your writing Ken as I do Nick's and other people and I couldn't give a stuff about not getting an 'award' myself.

chrisl said...

Is there a doctor in the house?
Somebody needs to have a sense of humour transplant.(lefties need not apply)
Harry ,I got the joke.
Wow Imagine if you were actually sitting by your computer WAITING for that prestegious honour to be bestowed upon you !!!

rabee said...

Harry, I know that you were devastated by missing out on the BBP06 awards. It must feel awful for you.

conrad said...

If you can give people a decent economic analysis of the effect of keeping species alive in non-native enviornments (with all those crazy non-linear variables that one can imagine, cf. cane toads vs pine trees) that you mentioned a few days ago, then I think winning a BB award will be the least of your highlights for the year (or perhaps decade, giving the scope of the problem).

Sir Henry Casingbroke said...

Harry, you can't do this without spin (like any political campaign), this is 2007 not 1961. As your self-appointed campaign manager I have taken upon myself to raise your profile and your comment response rate - you are not getting traction in the blogosphere/hivemind until you are into three figures. See link

hc said...

Thanks, Sir Henry, err, I think. Actually I stopped trying to win beauty contests quite a while ago.

Diamond said...

Harry, I found your blog while searching for entries on Tim Flannery. Now I have found it I will keep on checking what you have to say. This is just to let you know that you are reaching a member of the general public.
Lynette Arden

Anonymous said...

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