Monday, March 31, 2008

Big Kev & the US President

RUDD: Mr President, you said that you had a warm regard for me because from a Texan point of view you found me to be a reasonably straight shooter. I therefore designate you as an honorary Queenslander.

In the great state of Australia (!), I come from the great state of Queensland (!).

It may surprise you that it's bigger than Texas.(laughter)

But can I say - but can I say quickly …

BUSH: Can you recover nicely, yeah? (laughter)

Bush immediately caught his gaucherie. I agree with Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt that Rudd’s ineptness – he would have rehearsed his silly lines beforehand - probably partly reflects stage fright but there is also a measure of stupidity. This tedious, verbose, ex-bureaucrat could not handle the occasion.

I suppose that, at least, he didn’t get the ear wax munchies.

The Australian media have made a lot of the fact that Bush and Rudd seemed to get on in public. What could be expected? Particularly when Bush realises he is dealing with a dill.

Of course Rudd has confirmed the announced exit of Australian troops from Iraq at just the right time. And to his credit he has apologised to the aboriginals, has ratified the largely irrelevant Kyoto Protocol, is holding a 2020 talkfest with 51% women and has just got Victoria to participate in the national water plan by paying farmers $1 billion to conserve water at more than four times its opportunity cost. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


whyisitso said...

Kev has struck exactly the right note in today's Australia . To paraphrase John Howard, "the times suit him". All that counts these days is symbolism. The ultra silly Earth Hour wasn't his idea (it was the silly Fairfax Media's), but it completely embraces everything he stands for. Do nothing but engage in endless meaningless symbolism. Even lefty Ross Gittins is getting disillusioned this morning, because Kevvy hasn't announced any unpopular decisions in four months.

Anonymous said...

Gee Harry, you are particularly bitter today. Didn't you get an invitation to the 2020 summit?


hc said...

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Francis Xavier Holden said...

After 10 years of Howard, Bush should be bloody well adept at dealing with dorky australian dills.

hc said...


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