Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kevin misses Button funeral

Kevin Rudd couldn't make it to the State funeral of Labor legend John Button yesterday. He was visiting Cate Blanchett and her newborn baby in hospital. Cate will make it to the 'ideas summit' just 6 days after giving birth to her third child even though Rudd told her not to attend if she 'didn't feel up to it'. Kevin loves celebrities.


The Happy Revolutionary said...

When I try to look up your post, I get a message, saying 'Jave script - void'. This latter word would sum your blog up nicely. You have an idea, do you? You certainly haven't shared it. Better luck next time.

Slim said...

Perhaps you are conflating correlation and causality to make Rudd look callous and narcissistic? I've no idea why he didn't attend the funeral but it's unlikely to be because of Cate Blanchett.

Remember the old days and those crazy, irrational lefties who hated Howard for no other reason than he was John Howard? How they were so blinded by their hatred they couldn't see any good in him at all, and were always attributing ill-motive when there was none! All rather silly, wasn't it? Those were the days, eh?

Anonymous said...

So what was John Howard's reason for not attending?

Mark U

Spiros said...

Harry, how do you know that Rudd even knew Button? They are/were from different eras, and different states.

Slim is right. You're hatred for Rudd as a person is bizarre to say the least. And from your point of view, counter productive, because any criticism of his policies will have to be seen in the light of your personal animus to him.

Fair dinkum Harry, get a grip. It's not as though he's cuckolded you

hc said...

Spiros, Slim,

I don't think highly of Kevin Rudd as PM but I certainly don't hate him as Slim indirectly suggested and as Spiros then (illogically) took as a definite claim. It is amazing the undue sensitivity of the left to any criticism of their god-like heroes. Or is it just a silly attempt to deflect any criticism of Rudd with an overreaction that sweeps all sense to one side?

Get a grip Spiros and calm down there boy.

If you go to Rudd's website it sounds like he did know Button. He said much about what a great man he was.

I just find it stunning that he found time to visit Airhead Cate having her third kid but not go to Button's funeral.

Button was one of the decent Labor men with directnesds and a witty sense of humour - indeed everything that Kevin isn't.

I think there is something missing about this guy Rudd. It is a lack of depth and something fairly fundamental. His symbolic, imitative shallow policies and tedious cliches reflect a shallow rather uninteresting man who gets all worked up over media stars and slogans.

Spiros said...

Harry, he spent 10 minutes visiting Blanchett, who incidentally does not appear to be an air head, on his way to a Cabinet meeting in Sydney.

Button's funeral was in Melbourne. If he had taken a special flight and back just to attend the funeral you would have been into him for wasting taxpayers' money to attend a funeral for a Labor mate. As it was the Deputy Prime Minister represented the government at the funeral. I haven't heard Button's family complain. Have you?

As for Rudd's personality, the worst you can say is that he is a little wooden. Would you prefer Paul Keating?

hc said...

No, I wouldn't prefer Paul Keating. Why can't they get it right?

Spiros said...

Harry, they did get it right. If you don't believe me, look at the scoreboard.

Anonymous said...

You are right Harry, Rudd is weird and I don't mind how many times you illustrate this. As for the scoreboard Spiros, I don't look at it when deciding which team to barrack for. Geoff

Anonymous said...


Why not get stuck into the Fuel Watch lunacy? It is a substantive issue and economics is an area where you have a comparative advantage. It fits in with your criticism of Rudd as being high on rhetoric and low on substance, rather than this flim-flam of a post about whether Rudd likes celebrities or should have attended someone's funeral.

On the flim-flam, I don't recall JWH being backward in associating with sports personalities.

Mark U

hc said...

Mark, I haven't quite made my mind up about Fuel Watch. Sounds foolish and likely to disadvantage customers. Why don't you write a post & I'll publish it?

I am megabusy with earning a living at present.

What's wrong with a few flim-flam posts?

Anonymous said...


Others have already had a go:

Mark U