Saturday, February 14, 2009

Baggage handlers strike

45 baggage handlers struck at Melbourne airport today. Thousands of commuters who pay the salaries of these irresponsible shirkers were maximally inconvenienced by this immoral wildcat strike. Passengers were told that:
Passengers were told the bag handlers stopped work because they wanted more money for breathing in smoke from the state's bushfires that blanketed Melbourne this morning. 
Qantas denied this saying that the strikers just wanted more money.  I don't know the exact reason for the strike but these terrorists should be made to pay the fiinancial and inconvenience costs they inflict on the community for their illegal, unprincipled strike - they should be heavily fined.  Then implement the Ronald Reagan solution - sack them and deny them unemployment benefits. 

But this is dreaming. The Labor Party will doubtless see them as struggling 'working families', turn a blind eye and, indeed,  give them a handout.

I am fed up with the terrible air services operating in eastern Australia. My flight back from Cairns encountered the strike - it took me 3.5 hours to fly from Cairns to Melbourne and 2 hours to get out of Melbourne airport with one item of luggage still missing.  Flights to Sydney are invariably delayed, onflight service border on all the routes is non-existent and the whole ordeal costs a packet.

Not happy Qantas and, really, striking baggage handlers, burn in hell where you will really get to inhale a bit of smoke.

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Anonymous said...

I think Melbourne Airport is even worse than Sydney. It would be good to see the statistics like time waiting in the airport and so on (I don't think I've ever been through without having to wait in reasonable sized queues). It's always a delight to get to HK and places like that where you can get through in almost no time and things actually work.