Saturday, February 07, 2009

High temperature

Melbourne is overcast and windy today with an amazing record-breaking* temperature now of 45.7 46.4oC or 114.26115.52oF for those of us still used to gauging temperatures in the old F scale where 'bloody hot' described temperatures above 100. The wind is coming from the west at 18 kph with gusts up to 45 kph. My backyard is a wind-driven oven. Plants are dead or dying everywhere. A cool change is forecast for tonight with some light rain tomorrow.
It is the hottest temperature I have ever experienced beating the 45.1oC temperature achieved at the end of January just a bit more than a week ago.

* As far As I can see it is the highest temperature (by 0.10.8oC) recorded in Melbourne since records began being kept in 1855. The highest temperature was on Black Friday 1939.

Update: It would be remiss of mine not to mention that many have experienced much more than discomfit from this heat. The high winds and ultra hot temperatures have destroyed homes and property in a number of areas around Victoria - there are six major fires. There has been a major fire in Gembrook forest too - one of my favouite nature reserves in Melbourne. In good news a volunteer firefighter has been charged with deliberately lighting fires over the past 8 months. He is entitled to the presumption of innocence but if he is found guilty should face a very lengthy jail sentence.

Update: The press on Sunday morning showed that my earlier Update did not capture the depth of the bushfire horror. Police fear 40 dead - 6 from a single family in the Kinglake area and hundreds of homes destroyed. the worst bushfire crisis in Victoria for 25 years. The picture:


Anonymous said...

But why does Harry not report the subsequent sharp drop from 46+oC to 23oC within an hour as reported by ABC NEWSRADIO at c1805 pm?

Steve said...

I take if from your comment, Tim, that you are feeling nervous that high temperatures might make people start having heretical thoughts like " what if those AGW sceptics are wrong, and future summers are even worse than this?"

hc said...

Good comment Steve. I was bemused by Tim's response as I have always made it clear that I don't collate individual extreme events with climate change.

Anonymous said...

Here's a bold prediction. On the first cold day this winter, Tim will be the first to say that that proves that climate change isn't happening.

These climate change denialists are a constant source of amusement.

Anonymous said...


The hottest temperature ever recorded in Victoria: Hopetoun on February 7 - 48.8°C.