Wednesday, August 23, 2006

William's blog

My son William has his blog here. Please pay him a visit!

And please make a comment!


rabee said...

Hi Harry,

You need to be a blogger to make comments.
I don't have an account.

If you can please put this comment on William's
latest post.

Hi William,

I like your blog.

I agree with you that cats are better than dogs.

But I have two children who love dogs.

One of my children is four years old and he thinks dogs
are better than cats, because you can ride on the back of a big dog.


Bring Back EP at LP said...


It looks as though we are the same vintage.
My oldest is 8 going on 9 but he doesn't have a blog.

Tell William congratulations

Sam Ward said...

I left some comments there for William. Smart kid! Although I can't agree with his line on cats v dogs.