Monday, December 18, 2006

Summer sloth grabs me by the throat

William S. Burroughs, the author, once formulated a 'don't have to do exercise' aimed at breaking down old associations and habits of thought - he saw it as a 'path to liberation'. I am very much in favour of breaking out of disciplined work habits. On holidays it normally takes me a week or so to achieve this state of sloth but achieve it I have. Moreover, the transactions costs of writing posts at the local public library here in Ulladulla add to my incentives to be slothful.

This means posts on Kalimna will be irregular through to Xmas when I retreat to Sydney to join my family there. I wish all my readers and Kevin Rudd the compliments of the season.

Please use this post as a site for voicing any concerns you have about the world or to say hullo. What are going to be the big issues of 2007?


jack said...

Come and see me sometime big boy (there are 6 computers in the house).

hc said...

I'll try Jack.