Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy birthday Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Loyal subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II today celebrate across the Commonwealth our beloved monarch’s birthday on 21st April 1926. Long may you reign over us! HM is 81 years old today and still alive though recovering in hospital after a Papal head-butt.

The Queen’s birthday has brought drought relief to southern Australia – you can turn it off now Liz, at least around Newcastle – and a much appreciated long-weekend for her grateful, ever-abased, peasant folk down south.

Australia Zoo is holding a uniquely Australian celebration of dubious propriety. If you can stay in a Queen-sized bed at the Zoo with one of their pythons (to be specific, not HM!) you go into a draw to win the bed. No you do not also get a date with HM.

And I thought my Bindi joke was of questionable taste.


Anonymous said...

At the football today, we were told it was "Undie Mundie" (Underwear Monday) as part of an awareness campaign for prostrate cancer - a good cause - but I wonder if the Queen minded her birthday being turned into such a day (it could be worse - my birthday was turned into World AIDS day)

Anonymous said...

wrong queen's birthday Harry