Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Barack Obama the great black hope

I said that Barack Obama would be the US President when it was unpopular to say so.  This video interview with CBS confirms my belief that Obama may well be a great US President. Apart from letting his necktie dangle a bit this interview suggests that real inspiration lies in this man.  It is a big ask to get the US out of its current hole but Obama seems to be a top person with intellectual agility/ability and personal charm.


Spiros said...

He's a Marxist Socialist Muslim who wasn't even born in the United States and was educated in a madrassa and has never held a real job and pals around with terrorists and is an associate of criminals in Chicago and wants to destroy Israel.

I know all these things are true because I read them on the Republican web sites during the campaign.

hc said...

In fact as I read in a Fortune article this week Obama's first job was as a financial analyst. Its an interesting read - he is very conservative.

I like intelligence in political leaders. I think Obama has it.

But look at this nonsense. It is all over the US.

Spiros said...

American right wingers forget that the great Muhammed Ali, who actually is a Muslim, was feted by their hero Ronald Reagan at the White House.

ennui said...

Mute the self-congratulatory words apropos early picking of Obama's presidential win. The conventional view amongst the US punditry was that winning the Democratic nomination was in essence the de facto presidential election.

(I would also be interested in how you rationalise your earlier assertions that Obama's economic policies are completely wrong with this current adulation re a potentially "great" president. I'm probably being 'picky' but it does suggest a lack of perspective regarding the broader political processes that distiguesh between election and post-election policies.)

Of more importance is Obama's capacity to translate dreams into reality. The two significant decisions made which may give a pointer to the future have been his appointments - Emanual as his chief-of-staff and his black attorney-general with the Clinton background. Both very good decisions.
More broadly, Obama will prove to be centrist-left president - in fact the only people who suggest otherwise are the loonies who occasionally post on Catallaxy.
Whether he will prove to be a great president lies well into the future. Such Presidents are rare but the conditions are right to enable such a future evaluation of Obarma - two wars, a major economic crisis, climate change, the US 'damaged goods'international image, etc.
I think it was Bill Clinton who observed that you can never be a 'great' president unless your election coincides with adverse national circumstances!

observa said...

You gotta like a bloke who likes a challenge although you could say at McCain's age..?
Hmmm..he might be bloody thankful he didn't get the gig, all things considered.

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