Thursday, November 27, 2008

Violent, racist Islamists kill innocents in Mumbai

The reports of the overnight killings in Mumbai are horrifying. The image of religiously-motivated young men searching for totally innocent civilians with American or British passports and then killing them because they originate from these particular countries makes all civilised humanity recoil.  Pure evil.

Sympathies for the 100+ dead innocents and for the 280+ injured and something approximating a prayer for those held hostage by these evil men.

Update 1: In Cairo 20,000 holy Muslims have surrounded 1,000 holy Christians in a Church chanting Jihad verses  and claiming "We sacrifice our blood and souls, we sacrifice ourselves for you, Islam" while the entrapped Christians chanted "Lord have mercy". The Muslim mob included young children and women.

Update 2: The attack in India may have been planned with a view to eliciting tit-for-tat responses.  This would create a dangerous new front-line in the war against terrorism. India has 150 million Muslims but far more 'safe' non-Muslim targets.


Spiros said...

Only in India would they seek out the British as well as Americans.

And, how dopey is a certain media web site, telling the story of the NSW government officials who are trapped in their hotel rooms and keeping very quiet lest they attract the attention of the terrorists who might take them hostage?

Let's hope the terrorists don't surf onto that site.

rabee said...

Where are these salafists getting their training and financial support?

This neo-facism has been exported from Saudi Arabia for decades. I hear they export a million barrel a day of this vile ideology.

The west's natural allies in this war is Shiite Iran. But on the ground our allies are the Saudi's and the rest of the fascist lot.

ps. The story about Egypt is exaggerated.

Bekzod Abdullaev said...

rabee you are wrong. This is not Islam or ideology from arabs. These are another bunch of psychologically sick people who does not have any ideology or religion at all. Islam is just an excuse.

observa said...

Sorry to disagree with you about the racist tag HC. These folk are religist and they don't care what race you're from, just the fact you're an infidel, although some infidels are more equal than others. Islam is a religion not a race

'The west's natural allies in this war is Shiite Iran. But on the ground our allies are the Saudi's and the rest of the fascist lot.'

Oh great rabee. We have to cuddle up to Stalin to beat Hitler all over again.

'This is not Islam or ideology from arabs.'
Funny, here was I thinking the Koran was written in arabic. Never mind Bekzod, just explain to me why there is NO terrorist problem whatsoever in the UAE and why the likes of those heinous infidel companies like Halliburton can safely park their butts there. Even moonbat lefties couldn't cook up a big enough CIA conspiracy to explain that one away Bekzod.

rabee said...


This neo-Salafist political ideology, as opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood (who are simply political thugs) emerged from Saudi Arabia as a response to the dominance of leftist national liberation movements in the Arab world.

You can probably date the Saudi push in this direction to the year when leftist paramilitaries hijacked the OPEC meetings in the 1970's.

The Saudi's with the corporation of the US (and Iraq's Baathists totalitarian regime) managed to destroy the secular left in the Arab world. In the last ten years this political ideology has rapidly become dominant. It is Saudi fascism.

There are still pockets of leftist secular movements in the Arab world and they have agglomerated around Shiite traditionalists, and Iran. Compared to what the Saudi's are offering Iran (an emerging democracy) is much more pleasant.

This is not surprising because Shitte movements such as Hizbollah emerged from progressive and secular outlooks. Indeed, the intelligentsia of the left in places like Lebanon was Shiite dominated for years and the Iranian revolution (though brutal to communist party members) was motivated by anti-colonialism and the experiences of the 1950's, when the US overthrew a democratically elected government.

In short, this is not about what I or Harry or the
Cronulla drunken racists think about Islam and Arab culture. This is about the emergence of fascism in the Muslim world that is to some extent similar to the emergence of fascism in Europe after the first European war.

The priority ought to be to help stem the tide of Salafism and identifying its source, which is in Saudi Arabia.

sir henry casingbroke said...

Yes, Rabee, Ayatallah Khomeini was great secularist, and the death fatwa he issued against Salman Rushdi was sort of like the ukaze from Josef Stalin against Trotsky...

rabee said...

No Henry,

Ayatollah Khomeini was a fundamentalist. So are all the Ayatollahs. They are not left wing secularists.

The contrast that I draw is between Lebanon's Imam Musa al-Sader, the of shoots of his Movement of the Disinherited, and the Salafist religious leaders in Saudi Arabia.

The Sadrists (ideology and not the Iraqi groups we see on TV) presently have an upper hand in Shiite politics and have influence on even leftist secularists.

Further, looking at places like Lebanon one sees that the left is aliened with Hizbollah (who have turned firmly Sadrists, i.e., progressive) while the right and former fascists are aligned with Saudi supported groups.

The beasts that behead slaughter and destroy around the world are all ideologically Saudi inspired and the aim is to identify this link and not hide from this reality simply because the alternative to Saudi Salafist fascism is vibrant anti-colonialism.

For obvious reasons the west have for decades been more comfortable with Saudi fascism than with the Arab ant-colonial Liberation movements including Sadrisists.

Finally, one must admit that Iran is an emerging democracy. Here once again the contrast is with Saudi Arabia. I say this even though I myself would probably be barred from traveling to Iran. But that said, I'm barred from traveling to almost all the middle east.

PS. I was never impressed by Trotsky nor Stalin. Both horrible evil little men. People are far too impressed with Trotsky. He's a minor post Bolshevist whose main
claim to fame was that a bunch of Trotskites turned neoconservatives dominated the White House between 2000 and 2008.

Anonymous said...

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