Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rudd greets world at Xmas.

 In a Xmas message released yesterday:

Rudd urged Australians to spare a thought for troops serving overseas as they enjoy their Xmas break. People should remember Australia's troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands, East Timor and elsewhere. Many of them have little kids of their own but they won't be with them this Christmas. "We acknowledge the sacrifices they make and thank them for serving our nation with such courage and distinction abroad".

Rudd paid tribute to police, firefighters and other emergency service workers who are on duty and away from their family to help the community on this most special of days.

Rudd said Christmas was a wonderful time of celebration and recuperation with family – a time of reunion for families that have been separated for reasons of work, study and travel.

Rudd said it was a special time for kids, whose experiences of Christmas are among the happiest memories they carry throughout their lives. It was for him.

Rudd urged compassion for people dealing with the death of loved ones.

Rudd said people should support those around them and take care if they were travelling. "Please, please, drive carefully and please be considerate in sharing the road with others”.

Rudd said whether you are in a city or the suburbs, the beach or in the bush, at home or abroad, that he wishes all Australians a very safe Christmas, a very happy Christmas and a very happy and peaceful new year.

The world listens to your every banality Kevin. The world will vote for you Kevin. Your winning smile and hyoperactivity provide a model for us all Kevin.

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