Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Harry's Xmas message

I’ve been slack over recent weeks with meandering posts and important issues (such as Rudd reneging on meaningful climate change targets) going undiscussed*. In part this is because it is Xmas and I feel like being non-committed and because pissing into the wind has often in the past involved my boots getting splashed. It’s what I’ve described in the past as the need to go dum-dum. The blogosphere (and the press) tend to slow down at this time of year which is probably as it should be. It is a ‘don’t-need-to-do’ period.

I also feel dum-dum because I am on holidays, playing golf and really enjoying the prospects of Xmas. I wonder if I am the only atheist in Ivanhoe who loves Xmas carols – this is my favourite Xmas carol and a great performance. This version of Silent Night moves me.

Generally last years’ post on the meaning of Xmas expresses my attitudes toward this happy time.

Happy Xmas to all my readers! With probability p = 0.9998 I’ll be back in force in a week or so rejuvenated, replenished and with a long list of soon to be foregotten resolutions.

*I stopped on this one though I did give warnings to all and sundry that it would happen.

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