Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot hot hot hot

There are forecast to be four days (Wednesday-Saturday) of 40oC+ temperatures in Melbourne this week.  Melbourne has not had 3 days above 40oC since 1959.  The heatwave, defined in this way, is the worst since 1908.  The whole of Victoria is sweltering.

Checking out the records I find that this heat wave is up there with some of the worst ever in an Australian capital city. Adelaide in 2006 apparently had five consecutive days above 40oC.

I notice that even the native trees in the streets look dead in the heat this morning.  On the university campus wood ducks were avoiding the open water and sitting corpse-like in the shade of trees.

I have been fairly comfortable myself. Swimming pool, beer......and, when at work, an office with a ceiling fan on. Last night was not too hot though that will change over the next few days.


jc said...


Isn't a pool very bad for the environment?

Anonymous said...

Only if incorrectly priced...

hc said...

Thanks anon. Appreciated.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

I have been fairly comfortable myself. Swimming pool, beer, when at work,

ok for you Harry but what about those of us who aren't academics and have to actually work for a living?