Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Defeating Iran

A short though insightful discussion of Iran's contribution to the current Middle East horrors is provided by Leanne Piggott. She sees the current conflict between Israel and Iran's proxy in Lebanon (Hezbollah) as an event that could transform global politics for a generation.

Iran is seeking a regional hegemony in the Middle East and is led by a man (Mahmood) who wants to destror Israel. Iran probably planned the Hezbollah incursion into Israel to derail the UN Security Council's scheduled meetings this week to deal with its refusal to allow monitoring of its nuclear facilities. The Security Council is in a position to impose sanctions for this failure.

Iran does seek nuclear weapons (its claims to the contrary are lies):
Just before the IAEA meeting last February, Iran's state-run news agency, Fars, reported that Iran requires nuclear weapons as a "means to create a balance in the arrangement of forces in the region". In talks with European officials concerning Iran's nuclear program, the regime's negotiators have consistently stated that Iran will not curb its nuclear work, and have threatened to destabilise the region if the matter is returned to the Security Council. (my bold).

The most recent Iranian threat was made on July 11, the eve of Hezbollah's attack on Israel.

But maybe Iran has overplayed its hand. Much of the Arab world seems alarmed by Iran's imperrial objectives and a US-Israeli airstrike against Iran's nuclear facilities cannot be ruled out - it may be the only way of eventually dealing with this preposterous terrorist state. Moreover, opposition to Ian's nuclear stance from internal Iranian groups such as the People's Mojahedrin Organisation of Iran and the broader coalition of resistance groups to which the PMOI belong, the National Council of Resistance of Iran deserve, according to Piggott, Western support. There are even strong conflicts within Iranian non-resistance politics to the path Mahmood is pursuing. These too should be encouraged.

Iran is being confronted with resistance in the conflicts it is encouraging among the Palestinians, in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan. Even the Arab world is sensing Iran's imperialistic objectives. Internal opposition can be encouraged within Iran can be encouraged to divert Iran from its current program of hostilities without more blood being shed. There is no reasonable argument that Iran can be permitted to possess nuclear weapons and there are strategies to defeat Iran.


Anonymous said...

Reasonable argument for Iran having nuclear weapons: That region of the world is a dangerous place -- why wouldn't they want to have them ?

Personally, the fact that all the other nations telling them not to have nuclear weapons are a) in much safer places in the world; b) have nuclear weapons themselves; and c) have huge convential armies, really makes a lot of their arguments seem pretty hollow, and I can't blame Iran for doing as they do and not doing as they say.

In addition, if people were really concerned about getting rid of the current Iranian government, then not having a war in Iraq, and not have the current conflict might have been a good idea. In addition, if these resources had been invested in Afghanistan (which would hopefully be a happy, safe place), some Iranians might actually believe some of the current complaining countries really did have good intentions.

hc said...

Can you really suggest this sensible when Mahmood has stated that Israel is a cancer in the region that should be removed?

Iran is running terrorist activities throughout the region - it has initiated this conflict in Lebanon and is behind most of the current killings in Iraq.

I am all for trying to undermine Mahmood by peaceful means.

Anonymous said...

Its sensible from the perspective of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Conrad...it is painfully obvious that you do not follow history, politics, or world events very closely, which wouldn't really be of any consequence if it wasn't the identical thinking of scores of the Earth's populace in this day and age. Iran DOES want nuclear weapons, and that being said, Israel,(their percieved arch-enemy) would be the primary target of such weaponry. This is not assumption. This is the policy of the Muslim world, and Iran in particular. Muslims do not even tolerate differences between sects in their own religion, let alone any other religion or culture. Their religion is based upon a constant state of war. I am not Jewish, yet, it boggles my mind why so much of the world (Europe and left-leaning Americans in particular) take the side of these insane killers, over the more civilized, democracy practicing Jewish people. Any American here could go and live in Israel, and still embrace freedom and practice their religion, and take their wives in public. Yet, pack up your family and head on over to Iran. Or how about Somalia, or Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or any other Muslim-run country. See how great it would be! See how Muhammad or Akbar would react as you walked through town, with your wife! Don't let your child stuff a candybar in their coat! Off with their hand! Don't even think about being anything but a backwards, third-world country idiot with science, equality, justice, freedom, and reasonable intelligent thoughts as your eternal enemy.
I suggest Conrad, that you save up your money and visit Iran soon. Take in the wonderful sights and sounds. Talk to the government. Ask questions. Sniff around. I do, however suggest you do it soon though, because Islam and the civilized world are on a collision course, and if the Islamic world insists on being an enemy over bein a partner, that area of the world will soon be a huge landfill.

Anonymous said...

Right on man! Finally someone with some nuts!