Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Media blabbermouths

When should the mass media shut up and not release leaked material. Well I would have thought that secrecy was a moral stance if it inhibited international terrorism, committed no illegal acts and did not harm the interests of law-abiding citizens.

The NY Times story releasing information on the secret US Government’s attempt to uncover terrorist links by inspecting international banking records is here, Video coverage is here. The LA Times joins in here. Michelle Malkin points out that whatever else you can say about the program it is no longer secret while The Media Blog points out the damage done by these media blabbermouths to the war against terror. A survey of responses is at Pyjamas Media. Tim Blair provides a local view of these irresponsible journalists.

The critical counter-response by Dick Cheney is here while the lame counter-counter response of the NY Times editor is here. It just didn’t stack up. The press in this instance went for a cheap scoop – it was an irresponsible decision that should be condemned.

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