Monday, July 31, 2006

Good news

John Winston Howard will fight the next election. Not everyone is rejoicing. It seems to me that Mr Kim Beazley is finished politically.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone actually believe it would have been anything but?

Absolutely agree that the windbag is destined for the scrap heap - it can't happen too soon.

It also probably means the end of Costello, he's missed his chance and I can't say I'm unhappy with that either.

And on an even brighter note, it gives the Liberal hard right even more time to groom a leader from the wackjob end of the spectrum.

Which of course means more fun posting for us lefty bloggers.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe anyone would have thought otherwise.

Betting markets may not realise that Howard has only ONCE gained a swing to the Libs from the time the election was called in the 5 elections he has been Liberal leader.
That was in 2004 and was probably a Borbidge effect.
I wouldn't mind betting he is hoping for a 50 point rise in rates on Wednesday rathe than 25 and then again 25 in November.

Anonymous said...

I have never really warmed to Howard but I dislike him less now than I used to. On the other hand I have had nothing but contempt for that pussy Kimbo. Latham had gusto. Latham had guts. Latham cared about ideas. Kimbo deserves to lose bigtime and that's the only reason I would welcome a Howard victory.