Thursday, June 22, 2006

Iraq shootings

My friend and colleague Professor Imad Moosa has just heard terrible news from his home town Basra in Iraq. His brother-in-law has been shot dead and his sister critically wounded by Shia militia. She was shot in the chest and stomach.

These ordinary people's lives have been threatened and damaged by the Iranian-supported militia that are turning Iraq into a fundamentalist madhouse. Today I saw a death threat letter received by Imad's family with photos of automatic weapons in its header - grim stuff. Imad's sister was threatened because she works for the 'infidels' - as a translator at the British Consulate. She is also a Sunni Muslim but married (for only 7 months) to a Shia! The sectarian hatred is not only evil, it is foolish and non-discriminating.

Imad's sister had been waiting for 2 months for emergency evacuation to Australia. Imad is an Australian citizen so it should be possible for his family to be evacuated here as soon as possible. In the meantime, the British forces in Basra should obviously protect their employees. It is difficult to understand why the Coalition don't do more to protect such civilians. There is a responsibility to protect such innocents.

You might think about trying to persuade Senator Vanstone to hurry up - she is a good Minister. You can (politely) email her regarding 'Imad Moosa's sister and family' at I sent Vanstone an email today.

Update: Imad's sister is in Kuwait and will be allowed to settle in Britain or Australia. What a nightmare for her and for the unfortunate people of Iraq.


civitas said...

Harry, I am very sorry for your friend and I hope that Vanstone helps him quickly.

But I think saying that any coalition forces are "standing by watching" this happen is somewhat irresponsible, unless you know in fact that there were coalition forces standing by, watching and doing nothing at all.

hc said...

On this occasion I will stick with the comment.

On this particular incident I don't know the specifics but I think there is evidence that generally the allies are not protecting the locals sufficiently from militia attacks.

I understand the difficulties and it is clear that murderous attacks on the innocents by these thugs cannot be eliminated. But policing as well as army operations in Iraq are important.

There is background information about this particular incident I don't want to discuss.

civitas said...

Your choice. But accusing people of standing by watching while someone is killed is a serious charge and you should have proof of it before you level it. I'm sure you'd feel that way if you were the accused. I understand that you're upset, and with very good reason. I'll write this lapse off to that. You don't appear to be fundamentally unfair.

hc said...

OK civitas I see what you are saying - I am not saying this issue involved that so I will rephrase. Ny opoint is that generally the population are not getting the protectionb deserved.

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