Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Papers for dope fiends

Our ARC project, Harm Minimisation Policies and the Economics of Controlling Illicit Drug Use put three new papers on its website today:

Harry Clarke & Svetlana Danilkina, Talking Rationally About Rational Addiction.
Suren Basov & Svetlana Danilkina, A Theory of Boundedly Rational Addiction
Lee Smith, The Australian Heroin Drought

Comments are welcome here or direct to the authors.


FXH said...

Thanks for those papers Harry. I only had a quick squiz of them all but I didn't notice anything explaining the huge spike in deaths in (was it) 2001?

hc said...

fxh, The spike due to the surge in availability of cheap, relatively pure heroin. When availability declined so did the overdoses.

Joel said...

Svetlana Danilkana was my Microeconomics lecturer this semester - one of the most enjoyable lecturers I have had in two and a half years of University so far - so I will definitely have to give these papers a close reading.