Thursday, June 08, 2006

Multiplex wins I think

In relation to my earlier post on the Multiplex dispute with Cleveland Bridge - Multiplex wins. It was seeking ₤45 million from CB but will now seek a ‘negotiated settlement’ whatever that means. But 80% of all of Multiplex’s costs were awarded against CB. And CB’s claims against Multiplex have been rejected – these sought an extra ₤32 million which limits Multiplex’s overall losses on the project.

According to yesterday’s AFR (subscription required) Multiplex is now likely to pursue damages from Wembley Stadium Group of up to ₤150 million.

Multiplex’s share price rose yesterday – it’s the first good news it has had in quite a while. The future for Multiplex UK looks quite a bit brighter than it did. Multiplex’s share price yesterday was $3-46 off a low of $2-66. It has risen 16 cents since the announcement. A good recovery punt?

We have an honours student writing a thesis on this topic in my Department. It really deserves a PhD dissertation. A fascinating business case study. Any takers?

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I own the rest Bond, Harry, but is moved only a little since the annoucement. Damn