Saturday, July 15, 2006

More please?

Australia's Islamic leader, Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali in a display of broad religious tolerance dismissed the Holocaust as a 'Zionist lie' in a series of fiery, apolitical, sermons in which he lashed out at the West and the US-led occupation of Iraq.

And Sheik Hilali - the Mufti of Australia and a member of John Howard's Muslim Community Reference Group - has (in the past) praised suicide bombings and terrorist attacks . He now accuses the Government of being dishonest for claiming the anti-terrorism laws were not designed specifically for Muslims. 'These laws are tailored to target us precisely' he said in a sermon recorded at Sydney's Lakemba Mosque.

He might be wrong here. Why would we ever want to look twice at him? Lets target PlaySchool.

Indeed lets have more Muftis and Sheiks. Let's bring more unskilled migrants like this pair to enrich our cultural mix.

Sheik Hilali is an amateur historian He attacked the Western press for being afraid to admit that the Holocaust was 'a ploy made by the Zionists'.

He is also interested in numerical mathematics and trivialised the number of Jews killed by the Nazis. 'What's that six million all about? Is there six million?', said the Egyptian-born cleric.

In another Friday sermon, delivered two weeks ago at Lakemba Mosque he revealled a broad range of geopolitical and oncological interests - he called the US the 'breeders of oppression' and labelled Israel a 'cancer that is planted in the heart of the Ummah (Muslim community)'.

I feel proud that I live in a multi-cultural society where such voices can be heard. Who would ever want to rely on a racially non-selective immigration policy when our society is enlived with wit and intelligence from unskilled 'centres of tolerance' such as these.


Uncle Milton said...

Harry, what has being unskilled got to do with anything?

If Hilali had a Phd in electrical engineering, it wouldn't make his comments any more acceptable, nor make his presence in the country any more palatable. On the other hand there are migrants with no job skills, who are perfectly decent people and who contribute to this country's well-being in many ways.

hc said...

Uncle Milton, I was suggesting that we are picking up bigotted riff-raff. Our attitudes toward cultural tolerance have been stretched beyond the point of reasonable tolerance.

I do generally favour targetting skilled immigrants for reasons set out here although I don't disagree with your last point for certain family-based immigrants.