Monday, July 31, 2006

War's horrors

A horrifying picture from The Australian. According to Israel's PM the village of Qana had been the source of hundreds of Hezbollah rockets directed at Israel. The residents he claims had been warned beforehand to leave town but local police said many were too poor to afford the journey to larger towns. In all at least 54 were killed in the village including 37 children. For other hideous images go to Larvatus Prodeo here. Whatever spin you try to put on it these are totally ghastly outcomes. It is difficult to understand this carnage.

There are cheers squads on both sides endorsing the actions of the parties involved in this conflict. I think they need to look at these images and reassess - are there winners here? As an Israel supporter I am sickened by these images. It is conceivable that the outcome was pre-programmed by Hezbollah and it is clear that Israel did not seek this outcome. But if it was a mistake it is an almost unforgivable mistake. I am equally sickened by the romantic spin being placed by others on the military actions of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon - and particularly their firing of missiles from areas with civilians which invite this type of catastrophe. Our PM's Islamic advisor Sheik Fehmi Naji el-Imam, yesterday yelled pro-Hezbollah messages on the steps of Parliament House, Melbourne to a crowd which roared its approval. His claims made me feel ill.

'Long live freedom fighters', said the Lebanese-born Imam,
'But we have to remember that we are still proud of what is taking place in Lebanon', 'We are proud of the freedom fighters'.

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