Sunday, July 02, 2006

Targeting the red centre

I am heading off to the Econometric Society meetings in Alice Springs tomorrow. What a great place to hold a conference! Apart from meeting old friends I am also making a quick detour to Uluru which I have not visited before.

Many of the conference papers are available online at the ESAM website. These are some that interested me particularly:

Voluntary contributions to a public good (Is being selfish just too complicated?)
The costs of inflation in Australia and New Zealand
Paternal uncertainty and the economics of mating, marriage, and parental investment in children (Economic implications of unfaithfulness?)
The shrinking of middle management and the rise in CEO compensation
An empirical investigation of the influence of employment status on the relationship between obesity and healthy eating for UK females (Fat again).
Healthy, wealthy and insured?
Derivation of nutrient prices from household level consumption
To integrate or not to integrate? The role of country size (relative bargaining power?)
Does the reason for buying health insurance influence behaviour?
Media concentration with free entry (What would happen in Aus?)
Thinking Rationally About Rational Addiction (Yes, that’s mine!)
Demand for marijuana, cocaine and heroin (Yes please.)
A Panel Data Analysis of Addictive Expenditure.

I am unsure how active my blog will be over the next few days – it will depend partly on how I find the conference and what opportunities there are in Alice Springs for fun.

If the reader who lives in Alice Springs feels like a yarn please do so – I am at Lasseters.

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