Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ANZAC Day 2007

I posted on this special day last year when I went into Melbourne with my son William. We did the same thing today but again, to our joint shame, missed the Dawn Service.

It was close to a perfect autumn day in Melbourne – no wind and a clear sky – a wag on the train going into the city said that the weather had been organized by Kevin Sheedy for the annual Collingwood/Essendon clash.

In the city we started off in Bourke Street and wandered along the main route of the march, following those marching to the Shrine of Remembrance. I did do the things you should do on ANZAC Day - think about the meaning of war and the young men and women who sacrificed their lives. I also thought about my Digger dad who died 32 years ago. It is a day to stop and think.

But, in addition, you can’t help noticing the happiness on the faces of the thousands of people in the streets. It is a celebration of being proudly Australian. The march itself is also visually and aurally impressive. It is a day to reflect and a day to enjoy.

We finished at lunchtime at Flora near Flinder’s Street Station with a couple of great curries.
Update: A quality ANZAC day report is provided by Tim Blair - the pic above came from his commenter #2.

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