Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Research work available

I am interested in employing economics graduates to do part-time research work in the areas of:

(i) Licit and illicit drug regulation.
(ii) Biodiversity conservation management.

If you are interested please contact me for discussion via the email address opposite.


Chidori Ashi Kun said...

I have a friend, let us call him Jack, who isn't an economics major but has significant applied experience in the economics of illicit drugs. His skill set largely covers increasing profit margins, quality control and marketing strategies. He is due for parole next week so he is able to start asap.

hc said...

Jack should enrol in one of my new units, Narcotic Exports 101.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

Chidori Ashi Kun - Do you know any old hippies who grow their own dope?

You could contract for both jobs.

I'm sure harry would do a deal on a twofer

chrisl said...

Harry Haven't you seen the latest unemployment figures? 4.5%. You will never get anyone.
P.S. Do you remember the TV debates when the pollies wouldn't commit to a TARGET of 5%.

hc said...

Chrisl, I did in fact get a couple of genuine inquiries. But you have a point. The labour market is exceedingly tight.

matina k. said...

Wow, what a surprise. I've studied environmental economics (MSc) and I'm extremely interested in the post. Well, there's a 'tiny' problem. I live in Greece! Anyway, it's amazing that a University Professor maintains a blog like this one! Keep up Professor Clarke!

hc said...

Matina, Why not think about doing a PhD in Australia? If interested email me and I will describe the application process.