Tuesday, August 07, 2007

No riff-raff among the Laborite comrades

Victoria's Labor leadership consists almost entirely of pretend toffs or real toffs. That's all the better to help them spot that 'light on the hill' and helps us Liberal supporters since we win whoever wins the Victorian State election. Quote:

'PREMIER John Brumby's new-look Cabinet is crammed full of highly educated lawyers, teachers, social workers, an architect and a nurse.

Analysis of the Cabinet members' high school and tertiary education shows that 17 out of 20 of them have at least one university degree. (How many products of the Dawkins reforms?)

Deputy Premier Rob Hulls does not have a degree but is a qualified barrister and solicitor who studied an articled clerk's course at RMIT. (Its nearly a degree Robbie though you always do come across as a traditionalist, brainless ruffian).

The other two without university-level qualifications are Energy Minister Peter Batchelor and Agriculture Minister Joe Helper, who has a trade certificate and is a qualified mechanic.
Far from the days when Labor Cabinets were full of union organisers, five members of the Brumby Cabinet have law degrees. (I am sure they don't actually talk to Joe Helper).

They are Police Minister Bob Cameron, Finance Minister Tim Holding, Education Minister John Lenders, Mental Health Minister Lisa Neville and Roads and Ports Minister Tim Pallas.
Community Services Minister Gavin Jennings has two degrees, in arts and social work, while Mr Lenders also has a Bachelor of Education.

Ms Neville also has an arts degree, while new recruit Tony Robinson has both a bachelor and masters in arts.

Thirteen out of 20 went to non-government schools and six obtained their degrees at Melbourne University.

Those who attended state-run high schools are Mr Batchelor, Mr Cameron, Mr Helper, Mr Jennings, Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky, Mr Lenders, new recruit Maxine Morand and State Development Minister Theo Theophanous.

Nine of the 13 who did not attend government schools went to Catholic schools. (An interesting commentary in itself. Maintaining a place for the bog Irish?)

Mr Brumby went to exclusive private schools Ivanhoe Grammar and Melbourne Grammar, then obtained a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. (My son goes to Ivanhoe Grammar, I am so proud!)

Liberals leader Ted Baillieu was in the same year as him at Melbourne Grammar.
Mr Hulls attended the upmarket Xavier College and Peninsula Grammar before studying at RMIT.

Planning Minister Justin Madden has a degree in architecture, while Housing Minister Richard Wynne, Ms Kosky and Mr Jennings all have university qualifications as social workers. (A degree in social work still counts!)'.

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conrad said...

I think it is quite a diverse group (which I guess is what you want these days as a Labor party -- to try and force the Liberals further to the right), although it would be good if the lawyers could die off.