Sunday, September 23, 2007

ACE Hobart 2007

I am in Hobart for the next few days attending the Australian Conference of Economists. I am giving a paper, Policies for Reducing the Costs of Cigarette Smoking. If you are reading this and attending this Conference please make yourself known to me and try to come to my session on Tuesday.

Hobart is an attractive, old city. It was first settled by the British in 1803 and was used as a particularly dreaded penal colony. Last night it lost some of its valuable historical heritage when the old Myer Building in the centre of the city was gutted by fire. The building was constructed in 1836.

Apart from loss of heritage, retailers at the centre of the city will take a financial pounding from this fire. There was a lot of incidental and water damage from the fire and commercial activity will be restricted for months.

This afternoon off to try to see the last of the remaining Tasmanian endemic bird species I have yet to see – the Scrubtit. In fact I saw the other nine endemic species in a single day about 10 years back but this one has eluded me. I’ll try on Mount Wellington today.


Damien Eldridge said...

Good luck with the presentation!!!

derrida derider said...

Harry, sorry I couldn't go to yours - it clashed with one I had to go to for work. But it was really good to meet you and chat.

hc said...

It was good to meet you too Derrida. I also met for the first time since 1999 an ex student who is a regular reader of my blog.

Now it will be harder for us all to disagree!