Thursday, September 06, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti dies aged 71

Luciano was a personality with a magnificent voice. He will be missed by millions. Nessun Dorma almost became his signature performance. Look & listen.....and the same piece in with Zubin Mehta and the Three Tenors. Here is a clip from La Traviata with our Joan at the Sydney Opera House in 1983 and in a trio with Marilyn Horne that continues here.


Bring Back CL's blog said...

Pavarotti was hopeless at Opera because he could not act like Placido Domingo however he could sing.

No-one else could sing Nessum Dorma like him

hc said...

Homer, I looked at this guy and always felt happy. He seemed to be a bit nervous but had a positive attitude. It is a sad loss.

Yobbo said...

Just think Harry... if they had have banned Cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse, Pavarotti would still be alive. I suggest you write a letter to the italian government.