Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mid week review

I spent an enjoyable Wednesday afternoon chatting with W. Max Corden, one of Australia's eminent economists, at University House, University of Melbourne.

I've known Max for quite a few years and enjoy his company and intelligence. He is writing a paper on the US current account but our discussions covered the war in Iraq, the AWB, Melbourne's architectural history, US and Chinese productivity growth and Australian immigration policy. I walked off into the evening feeling that I am, despite my occasional grizzles, lucky to be an academic pursuing my research interests and having colleagues like Max to talk to. It just isn't 'work' in a conventional sense. If you want a sample of Max's intelligence I recommend this.

The Easter weekend is coming up. I won't be going to church but I will head north of Melbourne to Puckapunyal and not to join the army. I am going there to look for a pair of barking owls (ninox connivens) that live on the military base there. As a recreational birdwatcher this is a species I have never seen - a new 'tick' would be a buzz.

Yeah, its not dramatic but neither is life outside airport fiction and Hollywood. I am set for a good Easter break and hope you are too. As usual if you have views on my blog please voice them here.


Bring Back EP at LP said...

how did you overcome the cordenian knot?

hc said...

Very punny Homer but the Gordian knot, see,

doesn't have a lot to do with Max. Far from proposing "the difficult, the intractable and often the insolvable problem" Max's approach to things does the opposite. It reduces complex problems to simple ones. He helps dissolve the knot.