Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Simplifying tax law

The Treasurer today released draft legislation to repeal more than 4,100 pages from Australia's tax legislation to reduce the complexity of tax laws. The exposure draft proposes to reduce the income tax law by more than 31%.

The draft can be viewed at www.treasury.gov.au.


Anonymous said...

This is a Liberal Party joke on the people of the nation - there is clearly no-way that Howard or Costello have any intention of simplifying the Tax arrangements - they like things just as they are thank you. Lies, confusion, obfuscation, inertia and greed will all be used to ensure that we keep paying the maximum amount of tax. Big Pete and little Johnny believe that they are better at spending it than us - that is the crux of the issue. And because the majority of us are not smart enough to work out what is happening - we will be happy to go along with it. The fight is between political sophistry and the sheep - it's painfully obvious how it will pan out.

Owen Parkinson said...

High taxes are good. People incorrectly presume that taxation is primarily a necessity of society. It's real purpose is the personal satisfaction you get as the taxing officer when you tax someone.