Friday, September 01, 2006

Predator-prey models with humans who kill

Food for thought.

Men hunt fish. Fur seals hunt fish. Men hunt fur seals with guns and kill 80 in a national park. The law pursues men who now face prison sentences and hefty fines.

While one can understand the motivation of these men, killing seals in a national park because they interfere with commercial fishing efforts is appalling.


Sam Ward said...

Trying to ban clubbing now as well?

Dam boom tish.

Seriously though, I can see this sort of a thing becoming more of a problem in the future as fish stocks continue to decline.

Christine said...

Similar problems in Canada, which cares about the fish, but just because they're not cute, Paul McCartney and others like him won't stand up for the poor little things.

chrisl said...

What is the difference between a slaughter and a cull?