Monday, September 11, 2006

We should think about 9/11/01 today

Video clips provide a graphic picture of the events September 11, 2001.

3000 were killed but what sticks in my head are the images of office workers jumping out of buildings to their death. And the physical ugliness of the killers. These people have ugly, misogynistic minds that they wear on their skin. This comic (that I took from Catallaxy) summarises the ugliness accurately.

The Bali killer Bashir and his Aussie lunatic supporters spoke glowingly of establishing an Islamic State in Australia – no, ugly men, we won’t. The enemy is a fanatical part of Islam and we all must recognise that clearly. Decent Muslims must reject this fanatical element clearly and not offer daft excuses that justify killing innocents in terms of 'errant' Western foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan. I agree with Pamela Bone that the left has driven the debate to the point where we blame John Howard and George Bush for the killings more than the fanatics who perpetrate these crimes.

An outstanding Wikipedia entry on 9/11 is here.

It is a horrible thought but it is almost certain that we will eventually experience a terrorist attack in Australia. Some believe it is most likely in Melbourne.

Experts warn that Australians has become complacent about terrorism – the evidence suggests we have become more fearful. Phillip Adams suggests the whole terrorist thing is a bit of a bore. But I just retain my long-standing view that terrorism is not a bore but he is.


Lucy Tartan said...

I'm thinking today of the families of the victims.

We can't live our lives constantly afraid of being attacked. That would be a victory for the terrorists. But I'll feel a tiny bit more comfortable when my partner begins his new job in two weeks and no longer has to commute by train for two hours a day.

Sam Ward said...

"I'm thinking today of the families of the victims."

Are there really people around who think this? I never think about the families of the victims. The thing that comes to mind when I think about 9/11 or Bali are the evil fucks who did it.

Maybe I'm just a psychopath?

hc said...

I think of the victims and their families - ordinary people in the street whose lives are torn apart or snuffed out in the name of some bizarre religious cause.

And I also think about the killers who target civilians.

lucy tartan said...

Sam, I understand why you ask, and that it probably looks like a bit of mealy-mouthedness, but in 2003 and 2004 I read a string of books dealing with the struggles of families of people killed in the attacks and some of them really stuck in my mind.