Monday, June 02, 2008

John McCain is too old to be President

This YouTube outlining John McCain's views on economics, foreign policy and disaster relief amused and frightened me.

I have suggested before that Barack Obama will be the first black American President and, despite my conservative politics, believe this will be, on balance, a good thing. He is the best of a weak field and John McCain is well past his best.

My support as a non-American for Obama would be unambiguous were it not for his support for a 'cut-and-run' Iraq policy. I think his assessment that the US position in Iraq is hopeless is not consistent with current developments. But John McCain lacks credibility on this same issue.

Hat tip to RH for the clip


Anonymous said...

Turn it off harry. He's not too old to be prez.

Anonymous said...

John McClane is not old, in fact he's an action hero

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