Sunday, June 29, 2008

Young children should not marry

In Yemen 8-10 year old female children get married to adult males where they are raped and beaten. The children are married off because the alternative is to be abducted and raped. In addition ‘young virginal brides can be shaped into dutiful wives’. And as tribal elders say, the Prophet Mohammed was married to a 9-year old wife.

At these ages girls are not equipped physically to give birth – Yemen has one of the highest maternal death rates on earth. The children produced from these unions who survive are often 'stunted'.

Most of the girls who get married have no sex 'education'.

Ugly societies, with incredibly ugly and ignorant people with what can be objectively described as barbarous beliefs, who have beautiful, innocent children.


Cryptandra said...

The Age of Consent was 12 until 1883 in Australia and of course much of Europe. A mere handful of generations ago your very own ancestors were almost undoubtedly up to their armpits in what we now describe as child sex.

When judging other cultures it is worth contemplating our own rather startling heritage.edgreeny

hc said...

Whatever the age of consent was the age of marriage for women averaged about 21 in the UK at the time Jane Austen wrote and was about 22 in the US in 1900. See here

I know the left will do anything necessary to refuse to recognise barbarism when they see it but I cannot be botherted trying to find excuses for abominable modern practices.

Cryptandra said...

"Statutory rape laws are based on the premise that until a person reaches a certain age, that individual is legally incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse. Statutory rape was codified into English law more than 700 years ago, when it became illegal "to ravish," with or without her consent, a "maiden" under the age of 12. In 1576, the age of consent was lowered to 10.

Statutory rape laws became part of the American legal system through English common law. As in England, early lawmakers in this country adopted 10 as the age of consent."

Many girls were forced thru poverty into child prostitution in our not so glorious past, so your comment on age of marriage is an irrelevant diversion.

I put forward these facts not to excuse the barbaric nature of Yemen but because many people who protest about these things fail to acknowledge our own unsavoury heritage. We've advanced- they haven't. The reason why is the interesting question.

hc said...

I disagree that age of marriage is irrelevant since that's what the post is discussing.

Rape is a crime whereas marriage is a legal basis for relations between adults.

I think you are being less than frank on this occasion Mel. The left always find reasons for justifying any obnoxious social practice in non-Anglo cultures.

Anonymous said...

Harry, can you point me to a real, flesh and blood leftist of any repute at all who "always find[s] reasons for justifying any obnoxious social practice in non-Anglo cultures"? You can't, because such creatures are a figment of your imagination.

Attack real positions, mate, not imaginary ones.

hc said...

Kim at LP.

Anonymous said...

when I have written a similar piece Harry I have been met with the same denial from minions of the left that their willingness to forgive Islam even this institutionalised child abuse is a great moral short coming of their politics.

Anonymous said...

Age of consent laws are purely arbitrary Harry, the vast majority of people lose their virginity at an age that would be illegal if the cops found out about it.

And the vast majority of people deal with it just fine.

The age of consent is not uniformly 16 across the developed world either. Austria is 14, Japan 13. Hardly barbarous countries there. In fact they are mostly more civilised than Australia.

Perhaps in a world where people having sex for the first time at 13 or 14 is the rule rather than the exception it's time to take a look at those laws? Or would you prefer that 50% of Australian teenagers be treated as criminals?

Anonymous said...

Its easy to label a practice as Islamic without further clarification. Maybe thats why the propagandist media still exists.

Anonymous said...

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