Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joni Mitchell

I’ve been busy working over recent days but I after finally receiving a few early Joni Mitchell CDs from I got to listen to them last night. After a few minutes I abandoned all thoughts of anything other than this music.

For some reason I’d forgotten just how good she is. I started with the more recent Court and Spark – mature voiced Joni - the title track is close to perfection. Also enjoyed her second album Clouds (including Both Sides Now) and the rather cerebral, elegant first effort Song to a Seagull – that has her early, totally captivating ‘little girl’ voice with some of the most poignant lyrics she ever composed - here is the haunting title track. Supremely elegant intonations and background instrumentals.

Mitchell in my view is one of the most important popular female singer-songwriter over the last 50 years. She sounds timeless – fresh, undated, with a style of her own.

Here are a few more video clips I have collected. California. Blue, Big Yellow Taxi, Both Sides Now, Circle Game, Free Man in Paris.


Anonymous said...

Miles of Isles Mr Clarke.

A great live album with great musos to back her

Sinclair Davidson said...

Is that a cigarette I see in her hand? :)

Francis Xavier Holden said...

There is hope for you yet Harry.

Ms M is ideed one hell of a gal on all fronts.

There used to be a good podcast of an interview with her up on the ABC RN site.

If its gone I can email it to you or up load it somewhere.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

mmh not really all interview but a mix of music and talk

Transcript only it seems

derrida derider said...

Yep, Ms Mitchell is a great songwriter and a bodacious woman to boot. I've never greatly cared for her voice though, but then tastes differ.

If you want a stunning performance of one of her best songs, try Diana Krall's of A Case of You on the same website. IIRC k d lang also did a fine cover of the same song.

Anonymous said...