Monday, March 02, 2009

Gillard's use of our tax dollars to promote the ALP

I've praised Julia Gillard's abilities in the past but, at core, she is just a politician. In fact a politician who seeks to use our taxpaper dollars ($14.7 billion!) to promote her own political party. This is what recipients of Education Revolution packages must do for Ms. Napoleon in order to get their tax-payer funded dough:
"To receive funding under BER, there is a requirement to recognise and acknowledge the Commonwealth’s contribution. As a minimum, schools must adhere to the procedures and requirements set out in these Guidelines.

Recognition ceremonies: Schools receiving funding under the Primary Schools for the 21st Century and the Science and Language Centres for 21st Century Secondary Schools elements of BER must hold recognition ceremonies as part of their conditions of funding:

The Deputy Prime Minister (Ms. Napoleon) must be invited to

1. All opening ceremonies;

2. A convenient date for the ceremony for all parties should be chosen. Schools are required to choose three dates to allow greater flexibility for the Deputy Prime Minister (Ms. Naploeon) or representative to attend;

3. Ceremonies should not be scheduled on Parliamentary sitting days;

4. For assistance with organising an official opening, schools must contact DEEWR to arrange an Official Recognition ceremony through the BER website.

5. Provide the Deputy Prime Minister (Ms. Napoleon) with at least two months notice of any openings and public events relating to the projects;

6. Hold an official opening or ceremony within three months of the completion of the project, unless otherwise agreed by the Deputy Prime Minister (Ms. Napoleon); and

7. Make provision in the official proceedings for the Deputy Prime Minister (Ms. Napoleon) or representative to speak.

Once it is established that the Deputy Prime Minister (Ms. Napoleon) or representative is to open a facility, this arrangement cannot be changed without the Commonwealth’s agreement.

Publicity: Schools should acknowledge the Commonwealth’s assistance in publicity issued by the school regarding its BER funded project such as newsletters, web sites, articles in the local media, school outdoor signs and any other form of advertising available to the school.

Plaques: Schools will be required to affix a plaque, to be supplied by the Commonwealth, to all completed projects. This includes, but is not limited to, new buildings and substantially refurbished buildings. Where a plaque cannot be attached to a project because of the nature of the project, then a plaque must be placed in an appropriate location in the school, such as the front foyer or administration area.

Roadside signs: Schools will be required to affix a roadside sign, to be supplied by the Commonwealth, in front of the school for projects being funded under the Primary Schools for the 21st Century..."
Publicly bow and scrape scumbags! Honour the great Ms. Napoleon!


conrad said...

That's hilarious. It's like something you'd read on the Onion.

Slim said...

Yes, it's money-wasting PR/spin nonsense. But let's not forget that the Howard government started the ball rolling with its condition that all schools must fly a flag to be eligible for funding.

Spiros said...

The problem is with DEEWR and its culture. More than any other department, it overtly promotes the political interests of whomever is in government.

A strong Secretary would never agree to have this stuff in departmental publications.

Anonymous said...

err Harry every overnment since Malcolm Fraser have been doing this.

Good to see you so up to date.

Big Ben is sooo good at reserch

observa said...

Meetoo Rudd and his fiscal conservatives eh?

Francis Xavier Holden said...

harry back when I was President of Council of one of the public secondary schools you despise we had edicts from then Howard ministers about the need to have big signs saying who provided the $$. Also stern letters saying we must invite Minister so and so and local Member Mr Snooty Nose.

A large part of it was just paranoia that the State would get the kudos and that a state local member or Minister might attend the opening.

JG is just carrying on a tradition

hc said...

FXH, I don't despise the public secondary schools. I went to one myself (Forest High, French's Forest, NSW 1961-1967) and you can see for yourself what a delightfully versatile and erudite fine citizen of the community has resulted. It was a great school.

I visited local public schools when I was thinking about education options for my own kids. I was very impressed with the teachers but not with the resourcing of these schools. I also got the impression of lower standards of something like pastoral care.

Come on cut out the nonsense about John Howard doing something so 'we' can do it too. Julia Gillard's actions are terrible and not excused by any similarly stupid action by any previous government.