Saturday, March 21, 2009

Labor to be returned in Queensland

7.59pm: Despite some good swings to the new LNP I believe Labor will be returned with a much-reduced majority.  In the old Parliament Labor had a huge majority of 37 seats - LNP 23 seats, Labor 63. It was a huge ask for the new LNP to win.  My prediction is based on the ABC's extrapolation of trends given 19% of the vote counted. The LNP needed about an 8% swing to form government - I cannot see them getting that.

Update: By 9-30pm it was all over. The LNP only got a swing of 3.1% and the Labor Party are returned. The number of LDP seats will go up to around 32 which still leaves Labor with a big majority.  The result a disappointment for conservative politics in Australia. The economy is not yet driving voters from Labor.


conrad said...

"The result a disappointment for conservative politics in Australia."

If the LNP there is even half as bad as some of the other state Liberal parties in Australia, I wouldn't be too fussed, even if I was a conservative.

badmofo said...

The problem with the LNP is the N component. Most people around the centre of politics with any memory of their last two stints in government are unlikely to willingly vote for a party dominated by QLD Nationals, even in the face of significant, repeated examples of government incompetence.

The QLD Liberals on their own might at worst (possibly) only be as bad as their counterparts in other states. Someone with a profile like Brough might even have had them as a serious challenger. Instead they welded themselves to a creature which has just as often sought their destruction.

Sir Henry Casingbroke said...

"The economy is not yet driving voters from Labor."

That about says it all, doesn't it? Harry is NOT interested in good governance per se, he just wants the Tories to win, regardless of them being deserving to be in government because they have good policies and are ably led.

In Queensland, the public clearly saw that Tories have absolutely nothing to contribute policy-wise and that they have put up an unsympathetic moron as their leader against the intelligent and likeable Anna Bligh. All I can say commonsense trumps ideologically driven rubbish every time.

In New South Wales, the electors chose the mediocre and accident-prone Morris Iemma because the electorally repulsive and extremely stupid Peter Debnam led the Libs. What was the Liberal Party secretariat thinking of when they gave that now-forgotten non-entity the nod?

The terminally moribund Labor Government in NSW is a somnambulating, dead-man walking, re-animated zombie lurching from one execrable disaster to the next. Hey, but guess what… Fatty O’Barrell, the Liberal Opposition Leader is not actually making any impression in the polls on Nathan Rees, the Labor premier so panic-stricken, confused, useless and incompetent that his own senior public servants are leaving in droves at a time when jobs at that level are getting hard to come by.

O’Barrell’s only claim to fame is that he successfully lost weight and shaved.

So what is it with these people? Why can’t they get their act together and articulate some policy ideas for people to consider? Why does the Liberal Party in all its state iterations come up with cretins from central casting such as Debnam, O’Farrell, Brown (who? Alan) Chikarovski and Doyle, to name a hapless selection?

Herr Doktor Harry is now is hoping that the world recession, will do the job for the Liberal Party and its fellow travelers sometime soon, albeit not YET. In other words, he is of the religious belief, and fervent hope, that the coming Depression will come to the aid of his friends in the Liberal Party where policy merit and leadership talent have not done the job (because there’s no talent nor merit).

For Harry now to be yearning for Liberal Party’s fools-in-waiting to be catapulted into executive power with the help of a desperate electorate groaning under the depredations of a Recession/Depression, which was created by the very type of administration that has been the mainstay of Liberal Party ideology is chutzpah to the max.

hc said...

Sir Henry, The statement was positive and no judgement was implied. It is a fact - the people of Queensland did not turf out the incumbents on the basis of the economy.

If you read this blog regularly you will know I see unemployment as a disaster. Numero Uno and not a reasonable sacrifice to get any party into power.

But I appreciate that the single phrase led to such a laxative release of pent up bile - real power medicine.

I'll send an account Sir Henry.

BTW Robery Doyle hasn't been leader in Victoria for a while and the Australian economy has done incredibly well in relation to the financial crisis thanks to John Howard. No bank failures, still very low unemployment and inflation.

That should dislodge an extra kilo of bile - I'll add a 10% surcharge on my account.

Sir Henry Casingbroke said...

Yes, much better thank you. Cheque's in the mail.