Sunday, March 22, 2009

More nostalgia - Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention is one of my all-time favourite bands. They still perform although their early album with Sandy Denny Liege and Lief remains my favourite. Denny died tragically in 1978 after skipping through a number of groups. Liege and Lief is monumental folk-rock music:

'To rouse the spirit of the earth and move the rolling sky'.

Try: Come All Ye. The Deserter. Reynardine. Matty Groves. Tam Lin...... fantastic performances.

A beautiful later piece by Denny and this and this. Same incredible voice.

The rhythms of Tam Lin move me 40 years back through time - acrid, smoke-filled rooms, cheap, red wine and earnest discussions about the Vietnam War and conscription. But enjoying FC now in real time with a 1988 Balgownie Estate - Cabernet Savignon - made by the legendary vigneron Stuart Anderson. Great old wine with great music!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Harry they were a good band pretty good live as well.

You should give Steeleye Span a listen if you haven't already

hc said...

Maddy Prior instead of Sandy Dennys. Intrigued, I'll listen.

Macondo said...

Harry, I can hardly believe we have this in common. I've only recently acquired the remastered double CD with a host of alternate takes and live versions - my fourth version of this epic recording. Next, you are going to say you are also a Richard Thompson fan. 'I want to see the bright lights tonight' with then wife Linda is every bit as brilliant as L and L, and there's a vast back catalogue to discover if you haven't already.
By the way, the link in the first line of your post isn't working.

davidp said...

Sandy Denny's singing works very nicely in a song on Led Zeppelin IV (great album to be a part of too)