Saturday, March 04, 2006

Global warming web resources

Formerly a skeptic of the global warming hypothesis my expectations have changed over the past few years. The consensus of scientific evidence is that warming is a reality that must urgently be addressed by policy. A BBC survey summarises recent work. It includes recognition that current climatic irregularities can be attributed to global warming. Anthropomorphic greenhouse gas emissions can explain freak weather patterns, changes in sea ice, glaciers, droughts, floods, ecosystems, ocean acidification and new patterns of wildlife migration.

The new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report will be released soon and will be worth reading. The Third IPCC Assessnent Report is available online. Australia's CSIRO climate change model (here) is used as input by the IPCC. Already released is the Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change report presented by scientists at a conference hosted by the UK Meteorological Office in February which identifies sharply scaled-up damage estimates. An excellent Australian information sheet is here.

An excellent economic survey of climate change resources available on the web are the Envirolink pages here. Another is Climate Arc which includes references to a number of climate change blogsites. An excellent local blogsite is Tim Lambert's Deltoid which contains regular posts on global warming and an amusing Global Warming Skeptic Bingo.

I'll try over future months to collate more systematically web resources on climate change that are relevant to environmental economics students and post them here. I welcome suggestions.

An excellent 'Instant Expert' from NewScientist is here.

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