Sunday, March 19, 2006

I dunno

A married woman will sue the Commonwealth Government for negligence after a 6 month sexual affair and social outings to restaurants, cinemas and pubs with a male partner.

The partner is a consular assistant with the Australian High Commission in London. She claims he took advantage of her when she was in London to visit her seriously injured daughter, and hence while she was vulnerable. 'It was like he had kidnapped my mind and had control of me'.

The District Court's Judge Mazza ruled that, as an officer of the Commonwealth, the partner had a duty of care to provide personal support to a person in crisis, and by engaging in a sexual relationship he provided grounds for the claim that he breached his duty of care to an Australian citizen overseas.

As I say, 'I dunno'. People will pay $3 for bottled water and will buy refrigerators that connect to the internet. Some see themselves as living eternally because they have 'faith' in Jesus. I don't understand why many things are as they are.

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