Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mid week review

I forgot to post this yesterday. Do you have any comments to make on the world or my blogsite? I've been mega-busy this week.

Trying to get on top of a messy math problem that resists attempts to impose meaningful simplifying assumptions. Also have a dreary research report to write and some hack administration to do. Have to teach this morning then off to the Commonwealth Games this afternoon to watch the ladies weight-lifting. One performer is a family friend.

Update: The Commonwealth Games event I attended yesterday was most enjoyable. I went to the under-48kgm ladies weight-lifting event and saw the first Australian medal of the 'Games gained by pint-sized Erika Yamasaki. I also saw a new Commonwealth Games record in the Clean-and-Jerk of 94kgm by the Indian K. Nameirakpam. There was novelty value in watching these performances because I so seldom go to such events. BTW, these performances, while inspirational to watch, were a long way from world championship standards. The world record for the Clean-and-Jerk in this category was 118 kgm, 26% above the new Commonwealth record. But a very enjoyable afternoon.

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