Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lazy weekend

I’ve had a lazy few days – went bird watching at Yellingbo State Nature Reserve today with son and then ‘swimming’ in the backyard pool – ‘swimming’ means lying in the water!. Pottered around the garden Saturday and managed to stretch 40 minutes work into an afternoon, again with more ‘swimming’. Felt too lethargic to do much more than read newspapers. In the press I followed the IPCC Report and posted briefly on that.

Glanced at a few local blogs today but not a lot caught my attention. In a comment on this blog, observa points out that Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews will put a proposal to Federal Cabinet to cut Sudanese migration. Sensible.

Elsewhere foolish comments by visiting British psychologist Oliver James aroused the ire of Jason Soon at Catallaxy. Tim Blair took an earlier shot. In my view O. James and Germaine Greer should hook up and live their remaining dreary days at a windswept British coastal resort where they write 'psychobabbilistic' treatises on the poverty of Australian intellectual life.

I was annoyed about Cricket Australia banning the Mexican wave – its the hoons at the MCG who throw objects who cause problems not the wave which is innocent Aussi stupidity.

But the ‘one day’ series has hotted up - with New Zealand showing good form tonight – though Ponting and Hodge for Australia were superb and eventually clinched the match for Australia.

Even England, bloody England has finally (after 10 encounters) won a match against Australia. I’m off to the First Final this Friday and want to see a fight not a wimpy capitulation – the prospects look better for this than a week ago.

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