Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Women: Know your limits.

An instructional video clip for women with an economics twist.

Thanks Sir Henry.


Fuzzflash said...

Golly, don’t the ladies gush so beautifully? Makes a chap’s chivalrous instincts kick right in there. And their complexions are to die for. Lux?; Cashmere Bouquet?….no; They simply MUST be PalmOlive girls.

Breakfast scene chez Flash:
Fuzz, caffeinated, sedentary, atavistically whiffs his marked blog sites, ever ready for a spray. Madame and Teenette Flash scurry busily about the “open plan”, discussing les affaires du jour including household matters both administrative and logistic, fine-tuning “riding instructions” for Fuzz’s day before departing respectively for uni and highschool.

“Hey, honey, getta load o’ this You-Tube clip on Harry’s blog. It’s dead-set hilarious”
Begrudingly, they humour me , and gather (moving like the “twins” Jeremy Irons played in “Dead Ringers”) round the monitor.


Fuzz guffaws all over again, but The Firm remain silent, ominously silent.

Shortly thereafter, the smell of burning toast in the air, the front door slams. LOUDLY. Fuzz’s assigned tasks, have been numbered and transcribed (IN BLOCK) to paper and plastered on the fridge door. The man of the house is left in little doubt that a major “affection strike” has been bunged on that Eddy Haskell at his weaselling best would have a hard time breaking.

Thanks ever so much, Sir Henry. Guess I spilt the ink again, huh?

Anonymous said...


You enjoy the sympathies of all men.

I always hope that a good guffaw will stir the women in my household into sympathetic humour but yes - like you - I often get a hostile, suspicious look that lacks any humour.


fmadden04 said...

Can't you see, fuzzflash, your wife and daughter see nothing funny about stupid Keynsians and their gold standard.

Fuzzflash said...

OMG Fifi, he's got you at it too! Looks like "Vicky" is gonna get some competition. Besides, TVs been so passe since SBS began inserting ads into their programs and I understand you are without cable. If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em I guess.

Please be careful though, a little taste like this can lead to King Kong stomping on your shoulders every time you boot up.