Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pipe dream?

I have tried in the past few weeks to suggest profit-making opportunities from climate change. I wonder if having a share market punt on pipe manufacturers makes good sense given our dire water supply situation and Mr Howard’s plans to improve irrigation piping efficiencies in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Even if Howard's plans don’t come off because of foolish self-interest on the part of the States, the issue of more effectively using water in our urban and rural communities remains.

Recall that Richard Pratt identified both the need and commercial potential for more extensive use of plastic piping in the past.

One firm I noticed was the Crane Group whose share price has doubled since April last year. There are others but many are not listed.


Francis Xavier Holden said...

I'd just follow (Prof) Bob Officer. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Have a look at Geothermal Resources Limited (GHT). See

It's nearly doubled since December.


S.K. Pier said...

How about dike building (for Melbourne)? If the Dutch can keep the North Sea out we should be able to avoid rising sea levels quite easily with the help provided by Port Phillip Bay