Saturday, September 27, 2008

Krudd takes on the world

Krudd’s Australia is leading the world on climate change policy. Well, starting last November we did.

Krudd’s Australia will ‘work with’ the G20 countries to improve the world’s financial management. They will be grateful. Krudd delivers a stern economic message to the world’s economic leaders. They will appreciate Aussie honesty and directness. After all, Australia’s banking regulatory arrangements are ‘the best in the world’ says Krudd and he would know.

Krudd tells the US Congress it must pass the $700 billion dollar rescue passage now. 'No time to delay', Krudd says.  The Americans will appreciate his robust political advice and knowing where Australia stands.

Krudd urges Australia to regain its seat at the UN Security Council. Krudd has not yet set out which countries we will have to kowtow to or how being forced to take sides on Chinese versus US interests will advance our own national interest. But next week he probably will sort this out provided he isn't booked at resolving the world's financial or nuclear disarmament problems.  Maybe next Tuesday between 2-3pm.

In his few spare moments Krudd has founded a new Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Commission.  India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea have been urged to disarm.  You have been warned. I speak Chinese, says Krudd with that famous smile.

What will Krudd come up with tomorrow?  He is now back in Australia today and going to the footie. Apologies to the 'stolen generations', ratifying Kyoto,  an 'education revolution', dismantling the private health system - all the really tough decisions have been taken. I am certain he will come up with some new program - a new initiative or three.

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