Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah Palin a rookie politician she 'aint

Palin provides an old-fashioned rabble-rousing appeal to patriotism but this woman is dangerous. And here and here. Jingoistic stupidity and far more dangerous than the largely empty rhetoric of Obama with its economic stupidity.  Palin reminds me of a scene from Altman's Nashville - 'you may say that I 'aint free but it don't bother me'.  When will America wake up from this nightmare?  Hollywood has consumed Washington.

Update: Paul Krugman sees the Republican tactics as a dishonest, strategy that seeks to encourage resentment.


Kevin Rennie said...

It's Planet Hollywood. Even Michele Obama "performed" well when she made her speech. George W. reads other people's spin really well. The politician as actor is the inevitable flipside of the actor as politician.

conrad said...

It really is disturbing.

Sir Henry Casingbroke said...

The women's movement has been much maligned and ridiculed by the lunar right over the years, as part of its PC bashing strategy. Now, suddenly feminism is getting a run from the most unexpected quarter.
See them play the gender card here:

Like it or not, Hillary has had an impact and/or the GOP must have done some polling...

derrida derider said...

Patriotism is the first (not last) refuge of a scoundrel because scoundrels know it works.

It is amazing how people everywhere - not just in the US - are happy to vote against their own interest if they are told they belong to an exceptional nation. And it is doubly amazing how otherwise smart and rational people lose their heads when the war drum is banged (it is McCain's inadequate fear of war that really worries me).

We really are hardwired as tribal creatures - just look at any sports crowd. It must have been a life or death thing on the African plains.