Friday, September 26, 2008

Malcolm Turnbull

I watched Malcolm Turnbull's extended interview last night with Tony Jones on the ABC - the video here - and believe he has the skills and charisma to defeat Labor at the next election. I also think that, even should Peter Costello eventually challenge for the leadership, Turnbull remains the better choice - Costello has already begun sniping from the sidelines. The key issue is for the Liberals to get behind the leadership and act cohesively to regain office.

The Labor Party - and its weakest major link - Wayne Swan - have good reason to be fearful of a rejuvenated Liberal Party with a young, successful and highly articulate leader. The Australian economy will be hit by the US sub-prime crisis. Many Australians who supported Labor at the last election after a decade of amazing prosperity and good government, felt comfortable and relaxed with a change. They will now begin to look hard at the emerging economic difficulties and the lack of sense in a party putting a hack politician like Swan in charge of the economy. The robotic Swan is not difficult to replace given his apparent discomfit at his current role - in Parliament he is too frequently red in the face and nervously looking at pre-prepared notes as he wades in on issues beyond his capacity. He is that chink in Labor's armour the Liberals should continue to attack.

All Australians should welcome the emergence of an effective opposition in Federal politics. Liberal Party supporters will want a lot more than that.


Anonymous said...

If Swan is the weakest link then why couldn't turnbul lay a glove on him?

Anonymous said...

"He is that chink in Labor's armour the Liberals should continue to attack."

Nah, that's Penny Wong.

Anonymous said...

I agree - Turnbull did a good job last night. But still early days.
Swan doesn't provide great confidence - but it can't be said that he is any trouble. Perhaps that says more about the Opp!!
Given the complexity (and emotional aspects) underlying the climate change portfolio Penny Wong will be under considerable pressure. How she will then perform is highly problematic.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that the Swan is the weakest link -- he's dull but what do you want him to be in his position? In any case, even if was weak, he would just get the delete button like Peter Garret did. To me, the weakest part of the Labor party is that they don't have much depth (but then, neither do the Liberals). It seems to me that apart from Rudd, Swan, and Wong (who all seem pretty proficient at what they do -- which is probably why people can't agree on who is the worst here), everyone else is so far in the background you can hardly see them apart from the odd guest appearance. Even Gillard, who would have been the weakest link in my books seems to have got the delete button sometime or other also.

Anonymous said...

Its a mistake to underestimate Wong - she's a very smart cookie. They'd do better going after Garrett.

The portrayal of Swan as a weak link would be more persuasive if Turnbull hadn't put up an economic ignoramus opposite him. Don't forget that when you take on the Treasurer you're really taking on Treasury (they even made Costello look good).

Anonymous said...

Yes DD. But you can take the retarded horse to water but you may not be able to make the retarded horse drink.

Similarly no amount of coaching by Treasury seems to be helping the Swannster look good in the portfolio. Even Garret could do a better job.

And yes, Bishop is also bad but I reckon she's still better than Swannster..

I think Rudd used the equivalent of a mirror in choosing him. He asked the mirror who would have been the best choice and the reply came back in reverse: who's the worst choice.

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly, an effective opposition is a good thing, and Malcolm hasn't started off too badly.

Anonymous said...


That's because of course he agrees with your views on AGW. That's the prism of course.
Nothing can come in between you and that .7 deg over the past century.

Anonymous said...

if Swan is so bad then why couldn't Turnbull lay a glove on him.

Al we got was inflation denial and support for Nelson's whitlamite spending proposals!