Sunday, February 12, 2006

Data on timing of macroeconomic announcements

Where and particularly when does important macroeconomic information become available? For example Reserve Bank Board meetings, Australian Bureau of Statistics data releases and so on. I've thought of compiling such a list - with emphasis on the Australian economy but internationally-oriented as well. And mainly I am interested in online sources.

The Australian Financial Review each week publishes a list of events that will occur that week and foreign currency traders have access to event calendars on an international basis worldwide. I will try to develop a collection and update what I can get here. Not online.

One excellent very comprehensive online calender data base for currency traders is Forex Factory.

The Reserve Bank of Australia's webpage here contains important information about forthcoming monetary policy matters about 5 weeks in advance. It also contains access to historical statistics and information in a very clear and useful format. It also has an email notification service for important information as it is released.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics webpage here contains a little information about forthcoming economic and social statistical releases. I always find this Webpage difficult to navigate. But it too has a convenient email notification service that you can tailor for your specific needs.

The Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve (US) Webpage here gives access to some US monetary and economic data. No indication of when announcements will be forthcoming and no email notification service.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis, US Department of Congress here gives a detailed calendar of future announcements. It also offers a current data service and an email notification service.

This are links I use myself. Someone must have a comprehensive list - maybe on an Australian blogsite. Others? Suggestions very welcome.

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